St. Columbanus
------Patron Saint of Motorcyclists-----


Tomb of Columbanus in Bobbio Italy
Surprisingly enough bikers have their own Patron Saint, St Columbanus.

Born in 543AD at West Leinster in Ireland he was apparently, 'well-born, handsome and educated' and in middle life was called to a missionary life. With twelve followers he travelled to Scotland, England and then France in 585ad where he became a powerful figure. He started to get in trouble in the early 600's as he had too much influence and was criticising the Royal family, so he was imprisoned. He escaped and with his followers made their way to Milan, Italy by 611 where he was treated well and given a tract of land where hw founded an Abbey and rebuilt the Church of St. Peter. He eventually retired to a cave for solitude and died of natural causes on the 21st Nov. 615.

He was canonised for all the usual things, giving sight to a blind man, praying over an empty granary and it refilled, etc...etc..., but one thing was not very biker-ish....he destroyed a vat of beer by breathing on it!!!

Not sure why he was chosen as the Patron Saint of Motorcyclists, but even if your not a believer it's nice to know you have one.

Ride Safe....and may your Saint go with you   :)